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Traveling Postcards welcomes all voices to be heard. We especially welcome voices that are more often than not marginalized on campus. We know that sexual violence can impact everyone, regardless of sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, faith or socio-economic status.

Traveling Postcards™
On Campus

Throughout the professionally led,  90-minute workshop, every participant creates a handmade piece of art the size of a postcard that will become a gift of solidarity for a survivor.  All postcards are exhibited, shared across college campuses and with domestic violence shelters nationwide or placed in our Traveling Heart hospital bags.

Our workshop is a wonderful addition to campus wellness and self-care programming.

All postcards made in 2024 will have the chance to become a part of our 'Speak Your Truth Exhibition'!

More details coming soon.

GROUPS TO CONSIDER INVITING to a TP EVENT:Academic groups • Campus ministries • Campus sexual assault prevention organizations • Women’s centers • Faculty and professor associations • Fraternities and sororities • Health and wellness groups • Honor societies • LGBTQIA2S+ student groups • Multicultural student groups  • Performance, Art and dance groups • College Democrats and College Republicans • ROTC • Sexual assault survivors • School administration • Student activities leaders • Student athletes and coaching staff • Student government • Student health services • Student publications • Student religious groups • Residence life • Title IX coordinator • University police

Art Kits are handmade and available for virtual workshops. Each kit comes with a blank postcard, directions, return envelope and enough materials to make a beautiful postcard.

$20 per kit ( includes shipping)

In- Person Workshops



We bring our signature healing arts Traveling Postcards™ workshop to your campus and can hold multiple workshops over the course of 1 to 2 days with members of the student body, staff and supporting networks.

We are booking fall 2024 campus events now. 

Virtual Workshops



We offer remote workshops via Zoom for small groups. We also provide individual workshop Art Kits with instructions and enough art materials for you to make your own postcard. You provide the scissors and glue!

The intimate nature of this workshop will allow each participant to personally connect their voice and creativity to help another survivor.


  • TP workshop can be used as advocacy tool to raise awareness and share resources & information across campus.

  • Workshop can be integrated within multiple departments.

  • Provides a safe space to explore self expression and self acceptance.

  • Connection to other survivors, support and resources.

Student Participant

I felt so calm and still with my thoughts and normally in my busy brain I struggle with that and can never feel a sense of mental peace but I did in this time- The time flew by and I needed this.

L. Norton, L.C.S.W

Caroline is excellent and able to command love and direction together! I really enjoyed her group organization and how she was able to facilitate a supportive space in a short amount of time, especially when working with trauma survivors.

Associate Director for Interpersonal Violence Prevention, UNC Charlotte

I definitely feel this experience was healing for not only survivors of interpersonal violence, but also participants who are dealing with challenging life situations, and in need of connection and community.
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