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Speak Your Truth
Traveling Postcards Exhibition

We Believe Your Voice Matters

The Speak Your Truth:Traveling Postcards exhibition is a participatory social arts initiative that centers Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the healing power of art. 


By creating an opportunity to collect and amplify creativity that highlights survivor resiliency and solidarity, we lift the veil of shame that perpetuates violence and offer healing, empowerment and visions of change.


All the postcards and voices shared over the next year will become a part of an in-person exhibition in 2024.

"In the process of healing not everything can be spoken or explained. The process of art allows for feelings and thoughts that are stuck in a special or lost place to be expressed in another way or medium that so often is not accessed in regular therapeutic options."

In collaboration with GBV partners, we reach out to domestic violence shelters, college campuses and aid & violence prevention programs globally to collect and connect voices of change. We are looking at this issue both as a system of injustice and individual stories of resilience. Our yearlong online exhibition will culminate with a live event, exhibiting original postcards, photos and stories of resilience. 5000 unique Traveling Postcards™ have already been hand-made in our healing arts workshops over the last ten years and sent to individual survivors as gifts of solidarity and healing.
We want to continue to amplify the wisdom and hope that is a result of engaging in our postcard program. We also provide education and resources about GBV and offer an opportunity for anyone to personally connect in a positive and empowering way with an issue that can seem overwhelming.
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