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Made at Home

Making a Traveling Postcard is a meaningful act and a gift of service. Take your time with it and try to make only one at a time.

Remember that you will not hear back from the person who receives your card. This is your opportunity to share your wisdom.

Some prompts to consider while making your postcard:


  • What do you know to be true?
  • How can you help someone else heal?
  • What do you need to say to help you heal?
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Traveling Postcards™ participant

Here are some topics to consider when creating your cards. Please feel free to add your own or simply make a card without worrying too much about a specific topic.

No matter what, trust that your card will be perfect!

  • Listening is the opposite of violence

  • You are not to blame

  • The burden of silence

  • I am lovable

  • I have the right to safety, justice and equality

  • I did not deserve this

  • The moment I fought back

  • I have the right to pursue healing and justice

  • I know what is best for me

  • I am not alone


If you like, view our  Resource Library for more details about Gender-Based Violence.

We also encourage you to complete the reflection questionnaire which deepens the experience of making a postcard.

Please CONTACT US with any questions!

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