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We Believe in the Power of Art to Heal, Open Hearts and Bring Communities Together

Who We Are & What We Do

“Where after all do human rights begin? In small places, close to home-so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seek equal opportunity, equal dignity, without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Traveling Postcards™  believes that by channeling traumatic experience into creativity, survivors of trauma can begin to heal, share their strengths with others, and become leaders in ending Gender- Based Violence (GBV).

Traveling Postcards™ creates a safe space for healing and for witnessing survivor resiliency. We send the handmade postcard as a tangible gift of solidarity for a survivor and then amplify the strength of the art and artist by sharing them with the world.

Too often we feel that our voices don’t matter. Art allows us to find and capture our unique voice in a way that feels safe and empowering. Within the Traveling Postcards experience, not only is your voice important but your empathy, solidarity, and resilience plays a central role in the elimination of violence.

Our Team.

After ten years of providing the signature Traveling Postcard workshop, The Women's Wisdom Initiative decided to use the more familiar ( and easier to pronounce) name 'Traveling Postcards' as our DBA to simplify our message and mission of sending empathy around the world.

Traveling Postcards ™is fortunate to work alongside some extraordinary individuals; from volunteers and board members to workshop facilitators and participants. Every person has given their time and expertise and we could not be more grateful.


We have traveled around the country working in safe houses and DV shelters and have brought our programs to many diverse communities, including college campuses, military bases, refugee centers and international aid organizations . Each place we visit has directors and administrators that facilitate our visit and make us feel welcome.


Gender- based violence work takes entire communities of activists, healers, educators and leaders to create positive change; to move the needle so that all of us can feel safe and be safe.


Here is a small list of people and organizations we have worked with and  who have given so much to making our big vision thrive!




Wendy West

Alex Moses

Doreen Maller

Amanda Weitman

Megan Boynton

Heather Kantor

Lisa Rodondi

Saundra Shanti

Kelly Di Trapani

Robbin Rasbury

Conso Buzabo

Janis Mckinstry

Juliette Nolan

Elizabeth Perlman

Mark Malmberg

Michele Wetherbee

Brooke Fisher

Michelle Powers

Rhonda Grossman



Amherst College

BAWAR, Oakland, CA

Bradley Angle, Portland

Center for Domestic Peace,CA

Community Violence Solutions,CA

Daraja Academy

Grissom Air Reserve Base


Housatonic Community College

In Movement: Art For Social Change


Juniata College,PA

La Casa de las Madres

Marin Catholic High School

Montana Women’s Coalition

Meridian Health Foundation

Mutual Ground


Norwalk Community College

Our Voice, Asheville, NC

SafePlace, Austin TX

S.A.F.E. House

Saint Louis University

ST. Olaf College

Saint Mary's College

Self Help Center, Casper WY

Soroptimist International

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

STAND! For Families free of Violence

Trust In Education

University of Virginia

University of Richmond

University of Utah Health

University of North Carolina/ Charlotte

University of South Carolina

Verity, Santa Rosa CA


Webster College

Western Carolina University

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

Women for Afghan Women

YWCA Berkeley

YWCA New Britain

YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program

YWCA Salt Lake City

YWCA Clark County

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