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We want to hear YOUR voice

What does it feel like to simply survive?

As an organization dedicated to healing, we are focusing on one key element of gender-based violence that runs through the entire system of injustice and that is  Speaking Our Truth.

We believe that every survivor can teach us about empathy, hope and courage.

One way to unearth and amplify the resilience that it takes to simply survive is through creativity. Engaging in any type of creative process can act as a catalyst in which to process grief and trauma and translate pain into potential. Traveling Postcards™ programs focus on remembering the heart, reminding us to trust our innate power and speaking out against what is unjust.


We know every voice matters and every voice is needed. If you agree, we hope that you can support our Speak Your Truth initiative and celebrate your resilience- whatever that feels like to you.

Please add your voice to our Healing Wall. We will be creating a physical space where your messages will be placed. Whether you are a survivor or ally, your words and images will become part of our Speak Your Truth exhibition in the Fall of 2024.


You may remain anonymous if you choose. By filling out our form you automatically give us permission to share your voice. Thank you!

What do you want to say?

"I am learning to accept myself more, be gentle with myself, love myself more."

"Boundaries are an act of self care and healing."

" I share my story to give another survivor the strength to heal in whatever form that takes for them."

" You will get through. You are still you."

" The more I talk about that inner pain, the more I heal. It is a work in progress always."

"Let your beautiful soul breathe and flow."

"We are holding the light for you."

What part of you represents the story you are telling? Your face, hands, back, front? A different body part? Show Us.

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Thanks for submitting. Your Voice Matters!

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