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Supporting survivors of Gender-Based Violence through the healing arts.

Traveling Postcard™
Student holding a Traveling Postcard™


in the power of art to heal

and transform trauma.

Traveling Postcards™ is a healing arts workshop and a therapeutic tool that gives voice and comfort to survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and their allies, one postcard at a time.

We send messages of solidarity and empathy around the world!

“ Survivors want to feel valued, valid, and part of the solution. They want to be seen for their hearts, they want their words and actions and bits of wisdom to count." 

— Our Voice, NC

Your Voice Matters

Each card is made with intention and purpose. Every color, shape and image mean something . Finding a creative way to express connection, resilience and hope even in times of despair, is what every Traveling Postcard™ brings. 

"Creating, witnessing, and sharing my card felt like a mini showcase of my soul. My card contains my whole journey as a survivor, from wholeness to brokenness and finding my way home to wholeness again. "

Traveling Postcards™ Workshop
Traveling Postcard™

We bring our workshop to domestic violence shelters, college campuses, refugee centers, military bases, corporations and anywhere there is a need to talk about GBV, but our workshops are for everyone.


You don't need to be an artist or survivor to participate. You can make a card at home, or join us for a virtual or in-person workshop.

Traveling Postcard™

Your postcards travel to shelters, hospitals and aid agencies nation wide. They are hand -delivered and given out as expression of solidarity and empathy. Everyone who receives a card is invited to make a card.


We Invite You to Join Us


Over 5,000 postcards have been made and sent around the world!

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