Traveling Postcards is about personally connecting to the issues you care about, sharing your voice and being seen. Art engages our hearts and bodies and if we can take action with an open heart we will all make a difference!

Learn about the issues

There are many issues that effect the well being of women and their communities; health care, violence, lack of economic resources, trafficking, to name just a few. Find an issue that matters to you and use art to find your voice and share your concern. Take a look at our Resources, Education and Awareness page. Learning more about the issues will empower you as you discover what really resonates with your heart.

Discover Your Voice

Your knowledge, experience and innate wisdom is extremely valuable. We often keep what we know best, close to our hearts and hidden from view. Through art you will discover that you can easily share what might seem impossible to voice. Join our  ’Traveling Heart’ Hospital Bag project!

Make a card or host a workshop

Organize an event with any size group. Schools, Community Organizations, Family Gatherings, Women’s groups, Art parties are all good opportunities. Cards are easy to make! A Facilitator Guide containing a list of ideas, materials and workshop instructions is available. Or feel free to make one card and send it to us. Every voice matters!

Bring Traveling Postcards to your organization

We are always looking for aid organizations that would be interested in both receiving cards and having their community participate in our workshops.

Share Your Story

Who knows what might happen when you open your heart and share your story with someone new?

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