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As I write this post I am deeply moved by the inspirational voices I am hearing from the Women in the World Summit 2012. I am encouraged to hear that young women and girls are standing up against mainstream media and finding their authentic voices through social media sites where they share ideas and trust  their instincts. I am thrilled to follow and support an Afghan grass roots organization called Young Women for Change and to see the remarkable progress their leader Noorjahan Akbar has made. YWC  has developed a  new Internet Cafe in Kabul just for women and created a place to be safe , to learn and to be connected to the global community. I am personally proud to have met Gloria Steinem and walked the Golden Gate Bridge in support of peace for all women in just a single week!


Traveling Postcards is growing  to be a part of a global effort to empower women and girls by continuing to provide a creative path to voice and leadership.  This spring we have already participated in the 3rd annual Soroptimist International “ She”s All That” Conference  for middle school girls with our Bigger than jameshallison casino Myself workshop. This is a very popular workshop and I was proud to meet a younger sister of a girl who was one of my very first participants! Soon we will be planning workshops with Cinnamongirl, an organization that is committed to empower and inspire girls of color to reach their highest personal and professional goals. We are still very much committed to bringing voice and compassionate support to Afghan women as well as awareness to the issue of violence against women in every country, including the US.

We have also had two wonderful interviews published this month and I am happy to share them with you here.

InterviewsArts and Healing Network   and     Have Fun Do Good

I am looking forward to traveling to Peru over the summer and to bringing  Traveling Postcards to the small town of Ollantaytambo! I have met a wonderful woman who will help facilitate for us and who is working on her own project to help rebuild a small community devastated from flooding over two years ago. Paca Vilcanota Community

We all deserve the freedom and the right to take action for what we believe in. I am happy that Traveling Postcards can help to share our stories and provide a creative path to empowerment and the sharing of our hearts.

I look forward  to sharing our progress with you and as always, excited to know what you care about.

Caroline Lovell

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